Married Couple from Empower House!!

Married Couple from Empower House!!

What better moments are there for us, ENoK, than to witness two North Korean refugees in our program begin a relationship during their stay at Empower House and finally get married after finishing our program!?

Here are a few words from the bridegroom:

It has been a long time since I updated about my life after finishing ENoK House program. Thanks to ENoK, I am currently in college. I know that some of our teachers from ENoK have gone away, even abroad outside of the U.S., far away from EnoK House now, but I do not think the distance can remove our memories of your support and help that changed our lives.

There is another reason that I am writing this message. Since I attended the program, as many of you all know, my life has been changed dramatically. It is not only that I have become a college student, but also, I have gotten married. 

Proudly, I met my wife at the ENoK House program while studying for the GED. ENoK House means a lot to both of us since our lives were completely transformed by the program. We got married this past summer with the blessings of our friends and teachers. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your time and support devoted to our wedding. After attending college, personally I realized that how hard it is to help others while taking college courses. I am grateful that I was able to come to Chicago at the same time as ENoK program started. I believe that it was not a coincidental event. Both of us are grateful to the program and volunteers for making our wedding possible. We are always grateful to all the teachers from ENoK.