Donor Recognition

It is only with the generous help of our supporters that ENoK is able to provide services to our North Korean defector friends. This is especially true is for our latest project, Empower House, which now assists five North Korean refugees with their academic pursuits.  We are extremely grateful to donors of all levels and would particularly like to acknowledge those who have supported our cause to an exceptional degree.



A. Ahn

A. Park

B. Shin

D. & S. Rogers

D. Chang

D. Ku

D. Park

E. Aum

E. Kwon

G. Seo

H. Lim

H. Park

J. Oh

M. Kim

P. Bhakta

R. Bogue

T. Barker

Y. Bae

Y. Koo




A. Chung

B. Yoo

C. Jun

D. Hong

D. Kwak

H. Im

H. Lee

H. Lim

H. Park

H. Yoon

I. Lee

J. Kim

L. Lee

M. Jyun

M. Lee

S. Liu

S. Yoon

T. Eum

T. Kushiro

Y. Im

Y. Lee

Y. Lee

Y. Lim

C. Park

Y. Moon

We thank you all again for your support.

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