Empower House Refugee Participant Interview I

Questions and Answers with Sylvia (Alias)

Q1. What is your goal in participating in Empower House?


– To seek God’s plan in my life

– To lay a good foundation for my future

– To equip myself with tools to pursue my dreams

– To improve the prospects of my future

Q2. What motivated you to participate in Empower House?


– I had to give up high school when my family’s financial situation worsened

– Without knowledge and a college diploma, it is difficult to pursue your dream in the current society

– I didn’t want to give up a better future because of the difficulties in the present. I could see that if I did, I would repeat it again in the future, and I wanted to break this vicious cycle.

Q3. What are some of the career paths that you would like to pursue?


– International law

– International relations

– Chinese language professor

– Biology

– Dentistry (Periodontology)

Q4. Final words?


– I decided to participate in this program in order to give myself a chance for a new life and realize my dreams and hope……After knowing the staff of ENoK, I have come to believe that ENoK could be a stepping stone for me to achieve my dreams, and based on such confidence, I applied to join this program.”

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