Paige’s First Writing Assignment at Empower House (10/10/14)

My First Week at Empower House


My name is Paige (Alias), and one of the students from the Empower House. Empower House is a learning program. Currently, we have four students, Lily, Claire, Jonathan (Aliases) and me. We all came from different states…[personal information deleted to protect their privacy]…I came from [ ] on [ ], 2014. I drove to Chicago on a [ ]day night. I met with Brian, he is a program director. I also met Andrew Hong, known as the president of ENoK and the father of Empower House. We had a dinner together at an Asian restaurant. Meal was very good, and we were talking about the weekly schedule while we were eating. According to the schedule, my first lesson is going to start on October 6, 2014.

The first week of Chicago was wonderful. And I love new environment, it was awesome! My daily schedules were similar like my original schedules from [ ]. I’ve toured the campus of the University of Chicago with one of our teacher, whose name was Heeyoung. Campuses were beautiful, I liked it very much. I hoped to go to this school someday and study in classes like other students. Also, we went to the downtown of Chicago with roommates and our guide Jennifer. We took buses and talked a lot while we were sitting in the bus. We enjoyed tour very much. The downtown seemed very busy but it was beautiful. There were high buildings with so many different structures and designs. I must say, I was impressed by tall buildings, fresh air, big lake, and those beautiful natures. That was my first week in Chicago and it was awesome.

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