Empower House Refugee Participant Interview IV

First of all, I am grateful to God that ENoK’s program has been set up and running within God’s plan. And I am grateful that I can participate in ENoK’s program as a student. I lift up all my vision before God in the midst of all that happens and all that I do, and I pray that I will do my best here with the best of my given abilities. Also, this is an opportunity that I had not even imagined before in my life. Rather than trying to be the best above others, I would like to use this opportunity to learn and do the best I can and realize the small dream in my heart. I am hopeful that God will bless this program more and thus, ENoK will provide care for more souls that are searching for ways to learn. For this very reason, I will do my own part by trying my hardest.

-Lily (Alias)

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