Empower House Refugee Participant Interview VIII

Q. How did you decide to join Empower House?

A. It’s been three years since I first arrived in the United States. However, I still cannot communicate in English. So when I learned of Empower House, I did not hesitate a moment to drop everything I was doing and move into Empower House.

I first chose America as my destination because I wanted to study here in order to expand and realize my dreams. However, I realized after coming here that the reality was quite different. At first, I tried to both work and study, but as time passed, I had to sacrifice my studies in order to make a living. And now, after three years, I still struggle to communicate.

Then, one day, a gleam of hope presented itself when I first heard about the existence of Empower House. I heard about it through a friend, and this opportunity became my new hope and dream. I’m so grateful this once-in-a-life-time chance for me, and I would like to thank everyone who is helping to make this program possible. In return, all I can do is to do my utmost best.

I hope to become a nurse one day. I will try hard so that I can give back and serve others myself in the future.

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