Timeline of Modern North Korea


  • August 15th, 1945 – Korea’s 35-year colonial period ends with Japan’s surrender in WWII
    • A few days prior on August 10th-11th, the United States parted Korea at the 38th parallel for a joint occupation with the Soviet Union
  • August 15th, 1948 – The Republic of Korea is formally proclaimed in the south under President Syngman Rhee
  • September 9th, 1948 – The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is formally declared in the north under Supreme Leader Kim Il Sung
  • June 25th, 1950 – Kim Il Sung invades South Korea in a war for reunification under the DPRK; the Korean War begins
  • September 15th, 1950 – General MacArthur successfully executes the Inchon Landing, initiating a war for roll back
  • November 26th, 1950 – Chinese entry into the Korean War on behalf of the DPRK
  • July 27th, 1953 – An armistice is signed between the U.S., South Korea, North Korea, and China, bringing the war to cease-fire
  • December 1956 – The Chollima Movement mobilized the DPRK for economic development