Empower House Student Graduates from High School and Begins College!

Empower House Student Graduates from High School and Begins College!

Hi, my name is Rachel (Alias).

I still cannot believe that I finally graduated from four years of high school. I must thank many people for their care and support. I came to the US as a minor with no biological family around. Yet there were many people who helped since I first arrived here.

ENoK has guided me through the last year of my high school career as well as the first semester in college. Each and every teacher was a blessing to me. They have helped me learn and supported my dreams. Even when I felt discouraged, my teachers at ENoK talked to me like friends, and I could consult them with any matter. With the help of these wonderful people, I was able to finish my last semester of high school with mostly As. I am forever grateful for their time and effort in working with me. To me, ENoK will always remain a place that has given me the path to learning.

Now I am in college, and I have begun to feel that the courses become harder and harder. Many times I found myself crying in my car. But during these low points, my ENoK teachers encouraged me and helped me continue pursuing higher education, including working on scholarship applications with me. I am so happy, grateful, and honored to be one of the recipients of George Bush Scholarship and have had thechance to meet the former President.